Do you like my moustache?

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  • I was wondering were a moustache came in to it Gaynor :)


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  • Yes, well James the first photo was supposed to have been the last but it came out wrong as it appears you have to post each separately and I got fed up!!!!

    Lot to learn

  • love the wabbit and its moustache ! well spotted gaynor.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Thanks Hazy, that was out the upstairs window this morning, thought it was a cat first of all, happy to see the black rabbit back, we seem to have lost them from the back fields.

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  • Is that really a moustache … or is it a camouflaged stealth bunny???


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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Ha Nigel, it wasn't being very stealthy, methinks it has a burrow underneath the wall there as it stayed for a while perched on the wall and then up and down the field. Will have to remember to look out for youngsters, if the local cats leave them alone:(

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    PS This is quite like old times, getting to the post straight away without having to search etc:-)

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    Gaynor, This wabbit looks like it is descended from black domestic bunnies or may be an escapee itself. It also reminds me of a bunny we used to have, also a black one, who must have been an escapee from somewhere. He turned up in our garden one day and adopted us. Or rather, we adopted him because we did not want to go out in the garden one morning to find a fox had eaten him! He collected up nesting material as well and looked very much like the bun in your pic.. It was hysterical watching him gather up a huge mouthful of hay from his nest box and then gallop around his run with it. In the end he became a house rabbit because he was forever having teeth problems and it was easier to keep an eye on him in the house. That way we could see when he needed his teeth filed down again. Other than that, he was a delight.

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    Glad this little 'un reminded you of a happy time with the one you "adopted" Ann. There used to be a family of black rabbits in another field a few years ago, they moved on to another territory just a few hundreds yards away and remained there for a season or so. Then I had lost sight of any until the other morning and saw this one in the front field where the farmer has sheep and the grass should be well worn down with their constant chewing:-) Escapee or not they are easily spotted and that is why I think they don't tend to last so well.

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    Lovely shots Gaynor I've never seen a black one.

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