Kestrels in the Quarry 2019... Mr K ...Surprise visit 28th April!!!!

  • He's certainly keeping you busy Wendy LOL.

    I bet that's a nice warm spot in the sunshine.

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    Beautiful Mr K in the sunshine. You must have quite mild weather Wendy, lots of bluebottles about. On your last clip you have in the title 8th June! Mr K has flustered you! Lol

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    I have amended it CL but YT obviously taken no notice, was aware that I was getting somewhat confused with all the pics/vids but what else can you expect at my advanced age!! Lol  Yes, weather in quarry much milder than the outside world as we are pretty much sheltered from a Northerly wind  but the Southerlies blow us around somewhat!!


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  • My dear Mr K becoming quite a regular now & hard work to keep up with at times ...

    9th @ 13.40