Kestrels in the Quarry 2019...Mr K flashing his feathers 14th Jan!

Two New Year Wishes ... firstly that Mr K visits tomorrow to start our year off right!

                                     ... secondly that a beautiful female appears to sweep Mr K off his feet & into that nest hole!

Thanks for all your support & encouragement during this past year ... 2018 thread here ... 

  • Mr and Mrs K, crikey between that and the Opsreys at Loch Garten I would get nothing done!!

    I should book your home help now CL! Lol

  • At least he hid his eyes from us behind a thin twig after behaving in his usual way but unusual position!!!! 

    Lol Gaynor, I suspect that he wasn't in the least bit embarassed!

  • Mr K only here for five minutes & Mick fluffed his flyaway but it was an interesting visit in more ways than one! Lol