Thresher Shark

Last week we went back to Devon to catch up with a few of the friends we had made during our sojourn in the deep south. On Friday afternoon I managed a very short visit to Berry Head, hoping to see Gannets, Porpoise and or Dolphins. I did see a couple of very distant Porpoise but no Gannets. I then caught sight of what I thought was a Dolphin breaching and managed a a capture on its second leap. It was very far off and quite small and grainy on the back screen even on max zoom. I almost deleted it as it didn't look quite right. Last night I loaded the pictures onto the computer and realised it didn't even really look like a porpoise or Dolphin and there appeared to be something else in the water behind it. I have since had the creature identified as a Thresher Shark so am very pleased to have captured it as apparently they are quite rare on our coast.

sadly it never jumped again. It may well be the same shark seen in July seen slightly further up the coast in Lyme Bay where the photographs are much better quality than mine. That must have been a real blast to see.