Catching up!

Hi all, sorry I have not posted in a while, I haven't forgotten my forum friends -I've had a busy few weeks -collecting my son from uni (he's finished his degree now so I ended up doing several trips to bring all his stuff down and not to mention the 8 bags of washing to get through,lol). I have also been planning my wedding ( 2 weeks time)-after 14 yrs together we decided to make it legal,I'm not the type of person who likes to be centre of attention or a lot of fuss,so it's going to be a small registry office ceremony,then a meal at 15 (Jamie Oliver's at Watergate Bay). Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough for the photographer to get some half decent shots! In between looking for outfits/flowers etc,I have managed to get out and about,mainly in the afternoons/evenings so here's a catch up

I've mainly spent my time watching the progress of the Peregrine family -you may remember me posting a photo of the nest with eggs?

well 2 gorgeous chicks hatched -being fed a Blackbird by mum 

week later they are more adventurous,parents are providing good amounts of food 

and these were taken at the weekend - just over 4 weeks old,it's surprising how long they get left on the nest alone but I suspect one of the parents is not too far away 

along this stretch of coastline another pair of peregrine have 2 young who are fledged-I spent ages watching them swooping and teaching them to hunt before they rested on the cliff 

and the Kestrel nest I watch every year has 2 young -one was too wary to come out and kept calling for food 

the other sibling got the Lizard treat

a pair of swallow are nesting around this area and like to rest on this fence 

and I wondered why this Pipit was looking worried, I unknowingly got too close to it's youngster in the grass, I moved onto the path took a quick photo and then left Mum/Dad to feed it this tasty Grasshopper 

and lastly a gorgeous Chough at Holywell Bay, Newquay 

Best wishes, Jayne