Visit to the Farne Islands, 17 May 2018

Yesterday mrs bob and I paid a visit to the Farne Islands. It was the earliest we have been to the islands - previous visits were 30 May 2014 and 14 jun 2017 but it was such a glorious day and now we are much closer than an 800mile round trip.

However, it was safe to say that there are plenty of birds there though i only saw Guillemot and Shag on eggs. The Arctic Terns were too busy courting and the males were bringing fish for the females so it wasn't necessary to wear a hat - which was a bit of a blessing considering the weather. It wa low tide so there were plenty of seals pulled out of the water on the rocks as we did the island tour. It was also pleasing to see lots of gannets go past in fairly large groups, just skimming above the water, you wonder if they are unknowingly making use of wing-in-ground effect.

I have only include a representative sample of the birds we saw to spare the boredom. However, should anyone wish to view all 90 or so pictures please visit the  following link Flickr Album Farne Islands 17 May 2018

While waiting for the boat there are always the Eider duck for entertainment.

Almost as soon as we were at sea, we were passed by the first Gannet troop.

Then we started circling the outer islands.

Shag showing its crets




Grey Seal


The largest troop of Gannet that we saw.


Sandwich Tern

Shag Portrait

Shag striking a pose

Arctic Tern

Swallow gathering nesting material

The Sandwich Tern colony - Arctic and Common Tern seem to nest anywhere and everywhere where as the Sandwich Terns always collect in the same area every year.

Common Tern

Arctic Tern with his lady's gift.

Arctic Tern


Ringed Plover