G.S. Woodpecker update, macro style !

The male G.S.Woodpecker is visiting each day and today we tested how brave he would be by placing the log with mealworms just over a metre away from our feet !       Even though I used the 5D with 300mm (no extender needed ! )   I didn't have need to crop all the photos and those that I did were minimal.

Wasn't till I saw the photos on the computer that I realised he'd been predating ladybirds  !    click full screen for better view.

This is a record shot taken on the iPhone to show you where Mike was sitting and the woodpecker - it actually looks further away on the photo than it was for real.    


He was really close   lol 

think he's sticking his tongue out at the camera   lol 

In this next photo if you view on full screen you will see how long its tongue is and the reason it can grab chicks from the nest box :(

I've got tons of pics of him as you can imagine but will leave it at this 

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