Brownsea and Ham Wall trip

Hi all, I've been off work this week (unusual for me I picked a week of lovely weather),so we had a couple of days in Dorset to visit Brownsea Island and then Ham Wall, Somerset on the way back. We went to Brownsea a few years ago and I loved it there -the reserve was fairly quiet this visit, the main birds being lots of BH Gulls which are starting to nest build on the purpose built Tern islands which you can see in the photo. 

BH Gull with nesting material -they are noisy at the best of times,so you can imagine the noise levels at this time,lol !

We saw lots of Godwits and a few Avocet

The Terns are starting to return 

and the Red Squirrels were hard to spot initially until we sat on a log for a rest and 3 came bounding towards us -they really enjoyed the Walnuts 

and a few from Ham Wall, again it was generally quiet,but we did see a lovely pair of Great White Egrets and a Marsh Harrier and heard lots of Booming  Bitterns 

we also watched this lovely Wren nestbuilding close to one of the hides,taking moss back and forth 

Best wishes,Jayne