Garden beauties

Here's few from the garden today...    starting with Mr Blackbird doing a Wren impression  !

Robin,   sadly one of our back garden robins was predated by a Sparrowhawk late yesterday afternoon;  all I found was a pile of feathers :(

Coal tit  taking a kibbled peanut 

female G.S.Woodpecker looking pristine;    she's fairly confiding and I can sit within three to five metres of her

Jay next - perching on the summerhouse roof 

then hopping down to the photo- prop   !!  

another robin 

The Blue Tits are very vocal and hopping around like a box of mad frogs  ! 

One of the four Nutties 

lovely wing display as it landed for food 

last but not least,  I think this is Dinky wren

B U R P   !!     excuse you little Wren   .......