Fabulous 3 days at Leighton Moss (concluded)

Timed our visit to Leighton Moss perfectly for the glorious weather on offer,  not so well timed for the Black headed Wagtail as it hasn't been sighted (as far as I know) since the day before we arrived, however, we were treated to the sight of a handsome Garganey Drake from Lilian's Hide  (now it has relocated to Tim Jackson Hide)  and it was good to see the Warblers back:   Willow, Sedge, etc,    The Marsh Harriers,  2 males and 5 females were giving us great views and there was a lot of nest material collecting and some sky dancing.    At the feeding logs the Marsh Tits, Nuthatches and other tit members were enjoying their free mealie/waxworm supply and when I added a suet pecker ball a Weasel turned up   LOL      We met so many regulars and also new visitors to the reserve and as always the L.Moss staff are simply the best !  (no offence to other RSPB's  lol )    We've had such a lovely time and glad I booked this trip last week which was a last minute decision.      

Well, where do I start ?    I'll add a few at a time in this post as I don't want to swamp the forum with multiple threads which would result in other folks threads being dropped down the list.      So here's some pics from Wednesday, our first day and our start at the salt marshes.

It was wonderful to see the Avocets back and busy nesting and foraging - this one has colourful leg warmers on lol  - the bird is already reported and known so I didn't forward the info.

the other beauty was a Black-tailed Godwit in breeding plumage - spectacular wader 

Black-headed Gulls being BHG's     lol  

A pair of Oystercatchers who kept getting bombarded by the BHG's   

poor Oycs   - they were knocked off their feet as the gulls swooped !!  

not a great pic but it shows the B-t-Godwit, a Redshank and the Avocet in same pic 

With no sign and a dozen people looking for the Black-headed Wagtail,    we headed to the main reserve .............. 

My disappointment at the lack of B-h-Waggie was quickly forgotten when I finally caught up with this bird  (if you can tell from a bad pic  lol  )

I would rather have a bad pic than none at all and this is the first time I had 5 seconds to photograph this Cetti's Warbler   !!     I wouldn't have known it was there had it not have suddenly burst into full volume song right by the footpath near the dipping pond  !       I told Paul (MC)  I had a choice .......there were 2 robins courtship feeding right next to the Cetti's and I opted to photograph my nemesis bird rather than the robins  -    not sure I've been forgiven yet     !!!! 

The next bird on the "specials menu"  was a stunning Garganey drake outside of Lilian's Hide

one of my other favourite birds,  the beautiful Marsh Tit 

Scarlet Elf Cap fungi

Coal Tit

Rather than placing food at the long feeding logs, I opted for the tree stump as there's less chance the squirrel and pheasants will raid the food  !

Nuthatch ....    he had a selection of foods including live mealworms and live waxworms !      

greedy guts  !!   he ate one and took two away each time 

Finally I can hear Paul (MC) saying where's the robins ?       ............  well..... here it is   !!     

this robin had a tick on right side of his face next to the bill

and what a surprise this next creature was when a Weasel crossed the footpath and came to the feeding stump  !    The first weasel I have ever seen so was well chuffed   :) 

and here it is inside the feeding stump enjoying a berry pecker ball   LOL      

can you see it licking it's lips    lol

I will pause here for now and then load more from Wednesday shortly