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    As you asked so nicely...one of my favourite shots, a Beardie at Radipole from Feb

  • Wow PB, 2 Otters.... I hadn't realised there were otters that close to Poole, I tend to stomp around Upton Park or Arne when I am over so now need to keep an eye out for Otties as well :).

    Your stripy 8 leg is an Argiope bruennichi otherwise known as a Wasp spider.


    Cin J

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    Thanks Cin, they are in the Stour at Blandford, if you know the area?

    And thanks for spider ID 

  • Definitely jealous of your Otter sightings PB never seen one, even those at Leighton Moss have let me down..and wont say anything about that Beardie shot.

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    Until three weeks ago I hadn't seen the otters either, I thought they were a myth! I had a glimpse of one, then last week got a couple of decent shots, and the pair today...perseverance is the key!!

    And you'll make blush with heart-eyes emoji's lol

    And i'm equally jealous of your sparrowhawks!

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    Some excellent stuff and I grudgingly admit that you probably deserve to get two otters for getting up that early!!

    PimperneBloke said:
    04:30....yes Hazel, there are 2 of them in a day!!

    I'm not convinced. I think it is just a figment of imagination of those suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

    PimperneBloke said:
    A warbler sang beautifully in my ear

    You'll get used to the arguments discussions of Willow Warbler vs Chiffchaff on here, but that might be a telling description. Not many warblers are singing at the moment, but if it was singing beautifully, then it was almost certainly a Willow Warbler. Chiffchaffs have a repetitive call that while it might be distinctive or even evocative, I think few would actually describe it as singing beautifully Listen to a recording of the Chiffchaffs call/song and you'll easily recognise if that was your bird, anyway.


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  • The Chiffchaffs we heard in the last week at Rutland Water could only manage a single chirp with a gap and then another chirp, a gap and another, etc., hardly a song and nothing like their seeming more vigorous double 'Help! Help!' call from earlier in the season. This was more like a feeble and softer 'help...........help............help', half a dozen or more spread out chirps, being too weak from the exhaustion of raising the kids to be able to repeat it each time--lol!

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Nice early morning scenery PB, I would have been content just to see the birdlife you saw but to see not one but two Otters just puts the icing on the cake. I also am not going to mention the Beardie!!!!!

    Lot to learn

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    Superb shots of the Sprawk Alan, Good view of the talons in the third photo.

    Lot to learn