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  • 22nd July 2018 Dunbar harbour

    Great Black-backed Gull

    Today, same bird, same place. :-)

    That's a very long time to just hover there.!! :-/

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    HAZY said:
    I really need to be up at "Alan-O'clock"  to catch up with the local hares but I blame it on them choosing to graze amongst the long grass in the pony paddock !

    No reason to rush. Dawn comes along at a more respectable time later in the year and the hares will still be there. The grass might be a bit shorter after continuous nibbling too! 

    Nice photo in the meantime.


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    Paul A said:
    That's a very long time to just hover there.!!

    Probably doesn't want to venture too far until those gaps fill up It's also a long time for the sun to be out that far north!!!


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  • One of the rare occasions when I've gone just a bit arty on a shot. Something I do more often in landscape but less so for wildlife. Even more surprisingly, I actually took it with that concept in mind. So ... a dreamy Gadwall


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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    Did you go the whole hog and wear a beret and have a cheroot? :o)
    Somehow, it's a very relaxing shot to look at
  • That's a beauty Nigel

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  • Would love to see one of these beautiful birds D!


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  • I thought that i had had a good afternoon when the local Osprey came in but then I got to spend an hour to watch this little star being fed by an even littler star. More to come when editing is all done but I thought you might like this for starters.




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  • Great updates everyone, starting with a soaring (or should I say hovering GBBG) ! then a dreamy arty Gadwall that would make very nice wall art, followed by a very handsome male Bullfinch and then if that was enough treats a cracker of a capture with the Cuckoo being fed …..  is that by a Meadow Pipit ?         - keep 'em coming folks !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"