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  • Dark and gloomy here too Paul, atmospheric shot of the Egret in the grass.

    Lot to learn

  • Needless to say...taken through yet another wet window

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  • Cracking photos Alan, whatever you are putting in that log is evidently attracting the lovely Woodie.

    Lot to learn

  • Probably the most ungainly thing I've seen (and heard) ……. Mr Pheasant trying to fly into a bush, I'm guessing for evening shut-eye purposes. Perhaps he was flying with his eyes shut!!

  • This made me so happy today.  GSW have been missing from the garden since 2013, so to have this male on the feeder today was wonderful.  I used to have a breeding pari visit regularly and often bring their offspring - sadly they stopped appearing after the snowmaggedon in March '13 and I have to assume they perished.  Hopefully numbers are building back up 


    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    That's very good news, CinJ, and good to see you back here again!

    Kind regards, 


  • Redwing still down the garden, though a dearth of berries will see it soon depart I guess

  • Lovely updates everyone and good to see the different species.    I was at the Wirral today, both Parkgate which was rather too quiet apart from a distant Marsh Harrier and then on to Little Neston where I bumped into a birding friend I had seen on previous occasions and we got chatting - as you do !  ……… much so, I didn't take any photos all afternoon !   except a distant cropped shot of a Fieldfare which was in a group with other Fieldfare and Redwings and Song Thrushes.  

    To be honest, everything today, including views of a SEO quartering the marshes were far too distant for quality pics but it was a lovely day out in the sunshine nonetheless, with not a hint of a breeze or more importantly …. rain !     the only downside apart from lack of photos was the usual 35 min. drive home took an extra 1hr 40 mins due to M56 crawl after an earlier accident.    

    This is all I got you and that was a long way off in the middle of a field forgive me  lol       should be on bad pics really !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • You and your "bad pics" Hazy!!!!! it's one I would like in my album:-)

    Lot to learn