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    Never knowingly seem a Sawfly so ..... is this a larva?  Would have to overwinter pupa to find out!

    This pretty coloured teeny thing that looks like an alien was on Moth trap ... bet it bites! Lol


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    Paul A said:

    I had it down as a Cardinal Beetle but my book shows it with a black head so slightly confused

    Try Pyrochroa serraticornis, Tony. :-)

    Thank you, Paul, that looks like it. I should have read my book properly as it mentions the Cardinal Beetle variety with the red head.
    I saw this little guy scuttling for cover whilst I was out looking for dragonflies. I think it's a Tiger Beetle unless someone tells me differently.



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    Certainly is TJ, very popular on Twitter posts at present!

    I know there is a thread for spiders but can't bring the name to mind for a search ... is it 'Scary Spiders'?? Lol

    ITM I will post on here one of those delightful balls of spiderlings, one of two in my garden today (naturally I gently blew on it to make them scurry to the four corners & then watch quietly as they reformed ... like you do!)   Even know what they are called ... Araneus diadematus.!

    A. N. Other possible Saw-fly larva, they are so tiny, not surprising they manage to go undetected 'til leaves have lots of holes in!


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    Nigel O said:

    And this was really weird. One of these beetles has bloated up to several times its normal size so it's wing casings no longer fit. Two others still seemed to be very interested and possibly even trying to mate with it.

    No idea what's going on there!

    Think the answer is here Nige ... 


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    Thanks Wendy, that's a lot of eggs in there! I even got a few yellow ones in the photo without realising it.

    I've never knowingly seen a sawfly larva so I can't help with those! From what I understand, it's practically impossible to properly ID the adults without capturing them for examination (over 500 in UK), let alone the larva :) I know it hasn't a rear spike but isn't your orange thing an ichy wasp-thing?


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    Very likely a newly emerged ichy-thingy, was only about 5mm long (not including antennae) & it looks like a very tiny spike ... got some growing to do?

    Your dock beetle's big fat abdomen reminds me of the female Moths, some very visibly full of eggs!  Strangely fascinating to watch them laying in such symetrical patterns ... really must get out more! Lol


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    Some from today, while sitting next to the pond in the garden today.

    Looks like it could be a midge on the lily leaf

    The hoverflies were active around the outer edges of the pond today.


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    There must have been another big Chironomid hatch at Loch Leven. First shot is of the water surface near the shore.

    This shot of a Mute Swan perhaps 200 yards out, the surface was blanketed with dead and dying flies.

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    beautiful photo of the Swan and background, so serene looking but the insect make me want to scratch  lol   Plenty of food for the hirundines by the looks of it - and the fish !


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Interesting sightings Paul with all those insects 'littering' the surface.

    The colour of this fly stood out a mile because I can't remember ever seeing a red one ,,,

    Then I realised it wasn't really red. You wouldn't think this is the same species just a different angle in the sun

    Any colour you want from pure red to pure green. The same species.

    Flies are really tricky but it might be something like Gymnocheta Viridis.


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