Trip to Cemlyn Nature Reserve

Cemlyn is known for it's breeding colony of terns, but I'm afraid this year they have been predated so we saw just a few, apparently the GBBs have been one of the culprits but also there have been three otters seen.    We had a lovely walk around though and here are a few of the sightings.


When predators are around apparently the BHGull gives out a warning, but they also have had their chicks taken so many have taken off for safer areas.

I think this was the Mediterranean Gull

Now for a tern or two

Lovely Linnet


Nice Whitethroat

and family maybe

Lastly we saw the Merganser on the way back again this time having a swim, tempted maybe with the sunshine.

It had been chilly and cloudy to start with but ended up with coats wrapped around waists and suntanned noses!!

Lot to learn

  • Glad you had a good day out and saw some nice birds. The star bird for me is the Red Breasted Merganser. I'd no idea they were so bulky as I've never seen one out of the water.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    You certainly had a fabulous day out Gaynor and what lovely photos of all the sightings, love them all but the Merganser is spectacular !


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • In reply to HAZY:

    Lovely set of photos, Gaynor. The Merganser shots are wonderful, not always the easiest birds to get close to. In regards to a Med Gull, look for a black hood (same colour as the Terns hoods) as opposed to a dark chocolate brown in the BH Gulls.

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  • In reply to Paul A:

    Thanks TJ, Hazy and Paul, it was great to have a guided tour around the Reserve, and now I know I will be able to get out there again sometime soon.  Thanks too Paul with your advice on the colour of the hood on the Med Gull, will try to point the camera in the right direction next time:-)

    Lot to learn