A sunny Moss Valley (Sheffield) today and the fields/woods came to life.

A few I don't know, some new born lambs and I do beleive a bit of a sun tan.

  • Stunning photos Bob it looks like you've had a good day out.

    If you want the birds ID,ing they are


    Male Bullfinch



    and a Pheasant.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Nice shots, Bob. And to round off Alan's ID's I reckon the lambs are from Jacob Sheep; very pretty they are too.



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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan. First Bullfinch I've seen but was a bit silhouetted as it was high up. Great day in all. I saw some amazing things with crows and buzzards, fair took my breathe away, like the battle of britain in bird form. There were hundreds of crows and possibly around 4 to 5 buzzards, hard to tell as I was a little dumbstruck by it all.

  • In reply to Bob S:

    Thanks Tony, yes they are Jacob sheep.

  • In reply to Bob S:

    These were the crows flocking getting ready and then it all kicked off. The photo was to the right of the action as two buzzards reluctantly fled the scene.