Videos anyone?

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    Zo Clark said:
    My videos might or might not be on YouTube but im very good at filming and takeing pictures unless I have a unlucky day for photography and im good at catching animals that move or birds that fly on film cause im usualy quick or observant enough to catch them on film. I usualy take lots of photos and film a lot and might not usualy be as close as yours do you still mind if I send some aswell?

    Zo, you don't have to have a YouTube account to post videos here, I use my Flickr account and post the links from there. There are other options like VIMEO to name one, and I'm sure there are others.


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  • Managed to take our neighbours to Leighton Moss on an overnight trip for my 66th birthday three weeks ago and although I didn't take the camera I managed to take a few quick clips on my mobile phone showing my friend hand feeding the Marsh Tits - most of it in slow motion with the wonders of phone camera technology these days !