Videos anyone?

  • Two great videos. Alan it was lovely to see two foxes come into your garden, and the hedgehog eating away and not budging at all. I though the foxes would find the other dish but no they wouldn't pass the hedgie would they, mind it was quite huge.
    Lovely to see your Dove tree Wendy, at least you have your treat in your vicinity, probably look out of your window to see the little beauties. We used to get about 12 Doves in the garden years ago but I think they were predated and I don't often see any at all, saying that I saw one only the other day sitting on the telegraph wire wondering whether to come in, I think the ferals put it off.

    Lot to learn

  • The CD's are coming in to feed with the Spadgers again now in growing numbers too, had four today ... they like it that I put seed & suet pellets in heavy glass dishes on my old glass-topped garden table so access is easy for them!


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  • Had an email earlier from Mart with a link to Berlin's Goshawks featuring Norbert the guy that he is in touch with about the Goshawks he sees.
    100 pairs in Berlin alone!!

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  • Interesting clip Alan, what beautiful birds they are. I see one of the chaps was ringed too LOL


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Wow, good clip Alan, that's a huge number of Goshawks to have just in one city. Hazy I noticed the rings too!!

    Lot to learn

  • LOL You`re right Hazel , That`s Norbert , who is ringed , too.
  • Fallow deer this morning. First time really to get close to them and the main stag at the back presumably lost an antler in the recent rut.