Videos anyone?

  • Thanks Hazel. Bit of a guilty pleasure putting a compilation together but nice to look back at photo's and clips and the memories they bring. Too many times I think people (me included) post and then they are consigned to our archives.
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    Alan. said:

    I always hold my breath when these two meet up.

    We've had a hedgehog and fox in the garden at the same time, and interestingly, the fox gave the hedgehog a wide berth!

    Perhaps the fox tried it's luck and found out the hard way, those spines can hurt.


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  • A pair of GS woodpeckers feeding their young today in woodland. Brief glimpse of one of the young in the hole but didn't catch it on the clip. Took around 15 seconds to make each feed and returned every 2 minutes (just posted them arriving and leaving).