Videos anyone?

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    Love 'em all!!  What I want to know is how on earth do you all keep the video so still, OK I know you are using a tripod, but even trying it out in the kitchen I find I'm all over the place when the birds move trying to keep up with them, or maybe I should just fix on one and hope it stays put for a while!!   Anyway going back to my chat with Alan yesterday I went out today with the dogs and sussed out the tree trunk I think might hold a mouse or such, and there is a lovely hideaway just about two yards away that I might be able to tuck myself behind and practice a video anyway.   Just hope I don't scare anyone else dog walking - or even the kids absconding from the local school:-)

    Lot to learn

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    HAZY said:
    Lol,  now I'm really jealous saying the Weasel was too close for a video !!!      

    This is what I was on about Hazel...these clips are taken at 100mm and 6ft away.