vicious magpie?

  • I think everyone needs to calm down. There are always extremes of opinion on preservation of many animals and birds. It can be very distressing for people who only like the nice side of nature to see the wider and sometimes cruel bigger picture, but it needs others to educate them not ridicule or insult them. I always try and see the best in people and felt the writer was referring to the shotgun tongue in cheek and hoping for constructive help in keeping the birds away from her/his garden, help which the moderator gave.
    Please don't shun anyone for expressing an opinion no matter how misguided, help to educate them for all our sakes and the sake of our precious wildlife

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    Don't go MC! I for one enjoy your posts on here!

    As for this thread, I kept my mouth shut this time round..... (aren't I good Sparrow!! ;-))

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    I don't think Lelly was being serious when mentioning the shotgun approach. Obviously we wouldn't endorse that, but as it is legal under certain circumstances, we do have information about it on our website: That might seem surprising, but we'd prefer people to be properly informed, and this forum is a place where people should be able to come for advice and help.

    We don't want anyone to feel they have to leave the community. We really appreciate the time you spend taking part, and we want to encourage healthy debate and discussion - even on issues that can be contentious.

    But when things start to get a bit nasty and there are personal insults, that's not what what anyone here wants. "Please treat fellow community members with the respect and courtesy you would expect to receive yourself".

    It's the job of the moderators to make sure that things run smoothly - we'd much prefer not to have to remove anything! Please help us in that by being polite and friendly.


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    Thank you JudiM and Lloydscott.

    I admit that the shotgun comment was in poor taste and was not meant as a serious suggestion, but as a member of the RSPCA, Kent Wildlife Trust and other such organisations I don't like to see any animal (or bird for that matter) come to any harm. It was very distressing to have to pick up the carcusses of the rabbits and dispose of them and as I said, I fear for my elderly cat who is deaf, arthritic and senile. I was merely looking for some advice from knowledgeable people who care about birds so as to try and deter the magpies (there is a family of 4 or 5 nesting in the wood behind our house) from being quite so bold.

    Glad to see that some people here are willing to educate us townies that have moved to the country and find the reality of nature somewhat disturbing.

    Many thanks




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    Welcome to the fourms Lelly

    I dont think your cat will have any trouble from the magpies They know to stay well away from them .

    But to deter tem even further  you should hang  old CDs from the trees and put up some wind chimes too .

    They dont seem to like the tinkle from them and stay well clear of them.

    At the end of the day  The magpie was just doin what it does There is right or worng to it . It was just feeding is all I know it can be disturbing to watch  sometimes , but thats nature Nothing more nothing less.

    I have watched 2 magpies work there way through a hedgerow taking eggs and young Disturbing ... Yes ... But amasing to see.

    Most of the crow famley get bad press  much like all raptors. But we need them all to keep a balance.

    Cheers and hope to see more posts from you in the future


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