Robins for MC

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    What an aria that was, couldn't you sit and listen to that all day:-) Thanks for posting Alan.

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  • Just wonderful D ... best one this year!


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  • Nothing has been added for 25 days so thought I'd bump this robin thread back up for Paul.


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  • Hopefully, we'll start to see the Robins and Wrens going about with beak-fulls of nesting material soon


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    Thanks, Hazel--love the Robins!

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  • Very nice pictures Hazel, and Tony.
    Your Robins must be late Nige, FMR is still courtship feeding and she has eggs down, I know were their nest is and I know were another is :) taken today at LM
    Mrs FMR


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  • Well done Hazy, lovely photos, also TJ and James. I haven't a photo (yet) but today I saw Titch courtship feed just outside the backdoor, sooooo happy, didn't see it last year so hope this time they have a successful brood.

    Lot to learn

  • Thank you Gaynor, they are nice to watch, sadly I had to come home today but I have fed them the last three days and he was happy to see me,. There were some school children around this morning and the person looking after them was happy for me to give them some mealworms and when the Robins landed on their hand they must have been hooked for life this is what its all about now.


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  • Beautiful pics everyone. They have really put a smile on my face. I'm signed off work at the moment with sciatica. It's absolute b****y agony! It took almost 10 minutes to get my socks on this morning. My elderly neighbour has loaned me a walking stick! I've been able to get into the garden, so the birds have kept me company. The blackbirds have built a new nest in the honeysuckle, well Mrs BB has built a nest. She's been using plastic bags, shoe laces and bits of string. She tried taking the string from the trellis in next door's garden but it was tied up. I got some string from indoors and cut it into one foot lengths and she took about ten pieces in total. She also cached some of the materials in the nearby ivy and collected them a few minutes later. A diversionary tactic maybe? I think this is the same pair that have been here for a few years as she runs across the patio to me when I fail to get mealies to her in time. Sorry to ramble on, this is a Robin thread! I'll start a BB thread later. That involves sitting down and I can't do that right now. This post is being created on my phone.

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