Barn Owl, Red Kite and Short Eared Owl today at Hawling, Gloucestershire.

I went back to Hawling this evening to see if I could get more Barn Owl action. At first it started off in a field I was not set up for and it was quite distant, but it soon made it's way to the same field as yesterday. With a slightly different wind to yesterday, although the bird was more distant, there were a lot of runs in my direction so I managed quite few more frontal shots.

I was joined by one of the local farmers out walking his dog and we could hardly believe our eyes as a Red Kite drifted into view and started shadowing the Barn Owl - presumably a mugging was about to take place. Unfortunately, because of my prime lens,  I couldn't get both birds in the same shot but the Barn continued to hunt, seemingly unaware of the Red Kite. Then something even more spectacular occurred. From nowhere a Short Eared Owl appeared and started to seriously buzz the Red Kite, and there followed a fairly busy 5 minute dog fight.

occasionally they got very close

Eventually the Kite gave in and wheeled away.

During the dogfight the Barn Owl had slipped away so the Short Eared Owl continued to hunt the field he had claimed(-:).

A well erned rest(-:)

As you can see the light was fading so it was time to go.

I'm buzzing!, especially after thes last 4 days(-:). Apologies if there are too many photos, but I hope you like them.



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