A rescue operation greeted the wildlife team at 9 am this morning. Lorna from our trading team was alarmed to hear shrill whistled calls coming from the grille in the front of her car as she arrived at work. The bird in question was a beautiful kingfisher that had gone gotten himself stuck near the radiator.

The poor chap would not budge as he was gripping his perch inside the grille very tightly. But after a few attempts we were able to free the bird. Although the RSPB is not welfare organisation we endeavor to help all wildlife in need on our doorstep. Well Done Claire and Chris!

The Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) is a beautifully striking bird. Poet Frederick William Faber descries seeing it in flight as “Swift as a meteor’s shining flame” and the ancient Greeks gruesomely believed that the birds’ body dried and hung up would keep away Zeus’ lightning.

The bird is usually found among waterways and will fish from an overhanging perch, but when no perch is available the kingfisher will make a series of short hovering flights over the water. Come May-July Kingfishers will nest in deep tubular tunnels lined with fish bones in a bank over water where they lay 5-7 eggs and usually have 2 broods.  They are widespread, especially in central and southern England, becoming less common further north but following some declines last century, they are currently increasing in their range in Scotland.

Images: Naomi Rose and John Bridges