So it looks like a bit of a washout for much of the UK this weekend, at least part of it. So what to do when it's raining, stay in and watch the football, read a book or brave the threatening showers to get out in the garden or venture out to spot some critters? I plan to be doing the latter but from a slightly different perspective than normal, i'll be floating about on a surfboard, which can be a good way to see seabirds and seals! What are your plans? How about these ideas?

Go Birding! So what would be worth looking out for this weekend? Migrant birds pinned down by stormy weather should provide plenty of excitement at coastal and wetland reserves. Wader movements are well underway and a day spent trying to decipher one from another is a day well spent! Keep an eye out in grazing pasture as well, you might just spot some yellow wagtails, wheatears and even in gardens you might possibly spot one of the wrynecks that have been turning up in recent weeks! If we get a bright spell between the showers keep an eye out for clouded yellow butterflies, it's getting late in the season now but there is still a chance.

Go plant shopping! At this time of the year many garden centres have reduced various plants that have finished flowering so it's a great time to save a few pennies whilst adding some great features to the garden. September is a decent time to be planting climbers so keep an eye out for varieties of honeysuckle and clematis in the bargain sections as when they establish and grow up walls and trellis they will provide an attraction to birds and various insects. It's also a good time to think about planting bulbs for spring so that early emerging bees have got some nectar to feed on. Crocus are very attractive and very popular with bees so adding some to your lawn or flower beds comes highly recommended!

Make some jam! This year has been a bumper year for many berries and fruits, it's such a good year the birds stand no chance of them getting around to eating them all so get out there and take a few and make something tasty!

All the rain will bring out the slugs and snails, why not get out with your torch one evening, and an emergency poncho just in case, and see if you can spot any hungry frogs, toads or hedgehogs snuffling out a slimey supper!

Have a good one whatever you get up to!