This year sees the first RSPB Big Wild Sleep Out! Basically this weekend we are holding loads of events and encouraging as many people as possible to spend a night out under the stars (or cloudy skies which may be more apt!). Spending the night outside is a great way to connect with nature, you hear and see things which just don't notice at other times. Tempted to join in? Have a look at the sleep out site here for more information.

If you cannot bring yourself to spend the whole night out, why not just take a torch with you and go for a late night safari around your garden, don't worry about what the neighbours will think, get out there and have a look! I've been popping out after dark this week to see what is about, the lavenders and rosebay willowherb have been attracting macro and micro moths, the star of the show being the silver Y, at one time I counted 8 on a single bush! The frogs have also been around at night, patrolling the borders chasing the healthy slug population (good job lads!).

This weekend is also the National Moth Night (although it's over 3 nights 8, 9 and 10 August) so get out there with a torch and a white sheet, a moth trap or a tasty (to moths) sugar or wine solution and see what you can tempt down. Ideas on how to do this can be found here.

Listen out for the strange sounds of the night as well, you may hear the hoots of tawny owls, the snuffling and grunting of hedgehogs or the eerie barking of the neighbourhood foxes. You could try putting a dish of dog food down to see if you can tempt one of your local hedgehogs in for a tasty snack, although the more dog food they eat, the more snails and slugs will be left to munch your veg!

Enjoy the weekend and let us know what you get up to and what you see or hear!