It's that time of year again when it seems like everywhere you go there are baby birds calling or bouncing around in hot pursuit of parents with beaks full of tasty morsels. I love this time of year and one of the best ways to soak in all of the action is to get to a local woodland and just sit and listen to the constant chattering. It won't last that long as June is the peak month for all of this activity, by July, woodlands will become a much quieter place with less young calling and also less adults declaring their presence.

So, what has happened to our birds recently, well many species will have got their first broods out, some may even be well on their way to second or third like robins and blackbirds. The recent fledgers you will most likely see will be blue, great and long-tailed tits, woodpeckers and corvids won't be far behind. I had the privilege of seeing 4 fledgling goldfinch in my garden last week, they were giving the single parent a torrid time, jumping on her/his back as soon as they got any food from the feeder. Also baby house sparrows are continuing to pop out all over the place, this will no doubt continue well into August with them having at least 3 broods.

A trip down to your local river or lake might be rewarding as coots, moorhens and grebes may all have young, it's unlikely you will find water rail chicks but grebe chicks or 'humbugs' are pretty special! At the coast it is frantic with plenty of feeding going on including at cliff faces or tern nesting beaches, fluffy wader chicks will also be about on coastal wetlands as well as in the uplands during this month.

So what is your 'favourite fledger' so far this year or what do you want to see before this chaotic season is over? Add your comments below! Oh, and I couldn't talk about baby birds without the age old advice...leave them alone!!!