• Last chance!

    The Law Commission consultation closes today (30 November 2012).

    Ten minutes of your time could help save wildlife in the UK, every comment counts in this rare opportunity to influence the laws that should protect our wildlife.

    Want to help? Have a look at our laws for wildlife page on the link below.


    There’s three steps to…

    • 30 Nov 2012
  • Now where do I put it?

    I am of course talking about nesting boxes! Putting up nesting boxes in gardens at this time of the year has got to be one of the best ways to help give our feathered friends a great chance of finding a top spot for raising the next generation when the spring arrives. In this blog i'll talk about boxes with small entrance holes.

    Your standard small nesting box with a 32 mm entrance hole is potentially a nest site…

    • 15 Nov 2012
  • Welcome your winter visitors

    With the weather feeling properly wintry and signs that this year we have a number of unusual extra winter visitors taking refuge in the UK, it's time for a quick recap on who they are and what you can do to help them in your garden.

    Waxwings - They are here in good numbers already, likely to be the result of a poor berry crop in Scandinavia. Whilst berries are going to be their main staple diet during their stay…

    • 9 Nov 2012