• Merry Christmas from the wildlife team!

    From all of us here in the wildlife team (including the forum moderators!) we would like to wish everyone out there a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

    Here is just a little something from the RSPB images site that I thought was appropriate!

    Ben Hall (rspb-images.com)

    Best wishes


    • 22 Dec 2011
  • Helping birds through rough weather - the Wildlife teams top tips!

    The forecast is looking pretty grim for much of the UK over the next few day's at least, some parts have already been taking a pummelling. Heres a few of the questions we are getting asked at the moment and our answers, we hope this will help you help your garden birds through the worst of it!

     How do the wild birds cope with extreme weather? Birds are tough and adaptable creatures and most have ways of coping, after…

    • 15 Dec 2011
  • Whose plumage?

    Here in wildlife enquiries we occasionally get sent some rather interesting finds including pictures of unsual garden visitors, feathers and occasionally dead birds. We are more than happy to take a look at feathers and pictures but we are not too keen on the dead birds, they don't travel well in the post and rarely arrive in one piece and make for a pretty unpleasant surprise first thing in the morning!!! So if you come…

    • 5 Dec 2011