• A few tips from the wildlife team for August

    Here are a few suggestions, tips and hints for things to do and see during August;

    • Go wader watching, many migrant waders are turning up around inland and coastal wetland sites giving a good chance to brush up on your identification skills. Our wetland reserves are great places for this, have a look here for your nearest.
    • Pond maintenance, if your pond is looking a little choked and needs some TLC, this is the time…
    • 19 Aug 2011
  • Where do birds go in late summer?

    This is a question we always get asked at this time of the year and its one with a few possible answers!

    Firstly, for many birds we are coming to the end of a hectic breeding season. After all of the battling for territory, courting mates, finding nesting material, gathering food for young and chasing off predators, it is no surprise that some of the birds are looking a little worse for wear. Late summer is the time…

    • 11 Aug 2011