• Breeding trouble......

    Nestbox cameras
    More and more people seem to have nestbox cameras so this is generating lots of enquiries about the behaviour of nesting birds, blue tits in particular. Incubation, nest building, predation and conflict with other species (including bumblebees) have all been asked about.


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    Still more nesting ducks and now they are starting to hatch and getting all over the…

    • 30 Apr 2010
  • Don’t worry, summer migrants aren't Eruptive!

    Ash cloud and birds?
    There have been some people concerned about the impact of the ash on birds. Some have suggested that this is why the house martins are late. We are not sure what the impacts will be but hopefully it will not be a major problem for summer migrants. House martins migrate at altitudes of up to 6000ft whereas the ash cloud is thought to be stratified beyond 11000ft. Migrants might be a little late because…

    • 21 Apr 2010