• Has the cold killed our birds?

    Lack of birds  - has the cold killed our birds?

    Following on from the recent prolonged cold stint of snow and ice many queries have related to concerns that all our birds have died through starvation and exposure. The weather brought with it an overwhelming number of reports of species such as redwing and fieldfare coming into sub-urban and urban gardens desperately in search of a meal as well as other farmland bird…
    • 22 Jan 2010
  • The cold continues into 2010

    Freezing weather and snow food for the birds!
    The prolonged winter weather will continue to pose a significant threat to wild birds as they struggle to find a decent meal. This has led to a huge number of calls from concerned members of the public wanting to know what’s best to feed them.  Ideally, we recommend feeding twice daily If possible, in the morning and early afternoon. Birds require high energy foods during…

    • 7 Jan 2010