• Please can we have our Spring back!

    What a difference a week makes!  Last week I was wearing short sleeves and this week I have so many layers on I look like I could be auditioning for the Michelin Man (some of you may remember him!).  Lovely blue skies and warm sunshine last week, have been replaced by a cold wind coming straight from the North Pole - thankfully it is still dry but it is positively Baltic.

    Its been a busy week at Tiroran, Fingal and Iona…

    • 28 Apr 2016
  • And another one!

    As mentioned before, this year Mull Eagle Watch is located at 2 sites on Community Woodland, North West Mull Community Woodland and South West Mull & Iona Development Trust  The eagles at both sites are well into incubation and we are now onto countdown to the day when we await hatching.  

    At Tiroran, Fingal and Hope continue to give our visitors great views but this week they haven't been the centre of attention…

    • 21 Apr 2016
  • And We're Off!

    Well that's our first week and Mull Eagle Watch is up and running.  It has been a great first week and a real pleasure to show our visitors these magnificent birds as well as telling their story.

    It is exciting to be running 2 sites on Mull's community woodland -  one at North West Mull Community Woodland and one at South West Mull & Iona Development Trust.  Our bird feeders are up and it took 10 minutes for…

    • 11 Apr 2016