• Mull Eagle Watch – Week 3 2014

    Our female white-tailed eagle, Iona, is currently sitting on 2 or possibly three eggs on the pair’s new nest in the top of a Sitka Spruce tree at Glen Seilisdeir.  The first egg was laid late on 29th March and so is now 20 days old, just over half way through the 38 day incubation period: if everything goes to plan the first egg will hatch on 6th or 7th May.

    We have had a brilliant week of weather leading up to…

    • 19 Apr 2014
  • Mull Eagle Watch - Week 2 2014

    Mixed weather this week with great views of white-tailed eagles and golden eagles on sunny days and long periods of inactivity from the birds on wet days.

    Our female, Iona, laid her first egg on 29th March, so that means it is 13 days old today – just another 25 days until it (hopefully) hatches. She has probably laid at least another egg, possibly 2, but we won’t know for sure until they hatch. Fingal, the male, has…

    • 12 Apr 2014
  • Mull Eagle Watch – First Week 2014

    Lots of eagle activity for the first week of Mull Eagle Watch trips.

     Having located the new nest of our pair of white-tailed eagles - Iona (female) and Fingal (male) – we have made rapid changes to maintain and improve the visitor experience, which was again awarded the maximum 5-star rating from Visit Scotland last year.  Two new shelters have been constructed to provide cover from which we can watch the eagle…

    • 7 Apr 2014