• Say a little prayer - Mara & Shelly

    We were all thrilled when we were able to confirm that one of our original satellite tagged white-tailed eagle chicks Mara had settled to establish a territory of his own. It was even more exciting when we also confirmed that he had paired up with a female from the east coast project 'somewhere on the Scottish mainland'. You may have seen him on BBC Springwatch in June after cameraman Mark Yates managed to capture some…

    • 17 Aug 2012
  • One day like this

    "Drinking in the morning sun, blinking in the morning sun"

    Frisa felt stirrings beneath her. The first time had been in the middle of the night. If the moon had been full and bright she may even have stood up there and then to see what was happening but in the darkness of a moonless April night, she sat low and tight until dawn.

    Skye was unusually keen to arrive at the nest at daybreak to take over his incubation…

    • 13 Aug 2012
  • Happy announcement from Mull Eagles

    Breaking news:

    Skye and Frisa proudly announce the successful fledging of their healthy, bouncing, miracle chick. She weighs in at about 6kg, plumage and eyes are brown and she's already taken her first wobbly flaps. Mum, dad and chick all doing well.

    Blog to follow but for now raise your glasses to Skye, Frisa and ????

    Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer

    Mull Eagle Hide: 01680 812 556


    • 1 Aug 2012