• New Nest at Mull Eagle Watch!

    Stop press: 18 chicks found in nest at Glen Seilisdeir!


    Well 18 pupils to be exact! This week we were delighted to welcome the P4-P7 pupils and teachers from Bunessan Primary School.  The children (and teachers) were very excited and after a talk about the eagles, we set off very quietly to the very special viewing area where they would be able to see the chicks in the feathers so to speak!


    We headed off down the…

    • 29 Jun 2012
  • and now stars of Radio!

    Well - if anyone of you were driving home from work this evening listening to Drivetime with Simon Mayo on Radio 2, you will have heard Dave talking about eagles! Yesterday's guest on the show was Glenn Frey from the band The Eagles (our favourite group of course!) - so this evening Simon wanted to go one step further and talk about the feathered variety.  If you missed it, here is a link to it - if you fast forward…

    • 28 Jun 2012
  • Heaven is a place on Earth!

    courtesy Belinda Carlisle


    Fingal and Iona's chicks are now coming up to 8 weeks old - where has the time gone?  They have been fitted with their snazzy leg rings - so they now have a unique number.  Let's hope no-one ever has to ring the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) phone number that is printed on the leg ring, in case found.  This week, the pupils from Bunessan Primary School are visiting the hide and…

    • 26 Jun 2012
  • Fingal & Iona - This is their Life 3

    By 2004, all the signs looked good for Fingal and Iona for their next breeding attempt. Their nest from the previous year had been added to significantly; huge sticks were carefully woven in or just plonked on top of each other and by mid March Fingal was carrying in great clumps of white hill grass - Molinia - to line the nest in preparation for egg laying. As he landed with yet another pile, Iona tugged it away and…

    • 10 Jun 2012