• Fingal & Iona: This is their Life 2

    Just days after their first successful hatching in 2003 and hearing those chick feeding calls from the eyrie, the forest that morning seemed unusually quiet. On approaching my concealed observation point hidden in the trees, I could sense something was possibly wrong. A raven flew low over the tree top nest, but there was no reaction from Iona. Normally she would have called out in alarm or Fingal would have given chase…

    • 23 Apr 2012
  • Fingal and Iona - This is their Life

    Whilst the numerous unfaithful osprey pairings around the UK go about their daily soap opera shenanigans, our rock steady pair of white-tailed eagles, Fingal and Iona, stick to what's important in life: their eggs - their future. These amazing birds have known each others funny ways for a decade or more and have seen each other through thick and thin for many years. And they really know what matters: each other. They…

    • 16 Apr 2012
  • Let's Get This Party Started!

    courtesy Black Eyed Peas


    We are back!  Today was the first day at our new location in Glen Seilisdeir on the western side of the Island.  Set against the stunning backdrop of Ben More, with lochs, forestry, plantations, we are in fantastic eagle country.

    Due to ongoing forest management, Skye and Frisa  will be stepping (or flapping!) out of the limelight for a while - they are fine and we will bring you news on them…

    • 3 Apr 2012