• Let me entertain you!

    Well our visitors to Loch Frisa have certainly had plenty to entertain them over the last few days.

    A bout of high pressure has brought us sunshine and blue skies - a great relief after the constant rainfall last week.  It seems as though everything has gone into overdrive.

    Suddenly we are inundated with warblers, peacock butterflies, and bees.  We have been hearing the cuckoo for about a month and one is regularly seen…

    • 20 Apr 2011
  • Senses Overload!

    Its amazing how we drag ourselves through winter with the long dark nights and then all of a sudden, its Spring! 


    Skye and Frisa are now well and truly into the routine of incubation.  Frisa tends to do the night shift on the nest, with Skye taking over for a couple of hours first thing in the morning while she has a preen.  They then take it in turns throughout the day though if its wet, the bird on the nest will stay…

    • 12 Apr 2011