• Bank Holiday Bonus

    Well as I sit here typing, there is not a cloud in the sky and as the sun goes down, there is a lovely pinky hue.  It has been lovely and warm today and the sun cream has made a welcome return.  We are having some truly wonderful weather, although there are signs of Autumn creeping through.  The bracken has started to turn golden yellow and the rowan trees are weighed down with their bunches of brightly coloured berries.

    • 31 Aug 2010
  • Born to be wild

    One of the great highlights for me every year is to actually see the young white-tailed eagles which you've watched over and fretted about for so long, actually in the air and flying! After all it's what they're born to do. Whilst it's the one thing we have little actual control over (as Loch Frisa proved this year) to see the chicks through hatching, growing and fledging is how we judge the success or failure of our…

    • 24 Aug 2010
  • Blue Skies and Old Friends

    Well I am delighted to report that summer has made a comeback on Mull.  Just when we thought our jumpers and coats were coming out of summer hibernation, ready for autumn and winter, the warm weather has returned.  We have been enjoying cloudless blue skies and warm sunshine, sadly a bit too late for our school children as they return this week. 

    Also making a welcome return to Loch Frisa has been Heather, our chick fr…

    • 16 Aug 2010
  • Take Good Care of yourself!

    Having recently experienced a drought on Mull, I think I can safely say, that it is over!  We have had our fair share of rain over the last few weeks so when it is dry, you have to dash outside and get all those outdoor jobs done such as cutting the grass which seems to grow at a phenominal rate on this Island!

    Loch Frisa - photo Debby Thorne 


    For those of you who haven't been to the eagle hide at Loch Frisa, this is the view taken one day last week…

    • 2 Aug 2010