• Haggis on St Andrew's Day? No thanks.

    This wasn't the blog I'd planned to write tonight but I thought readers might like to hear of an adventure at Loch Frisa today. The other blog will have to wait a while.

    Today dawned bright and very frosty. There was ice on the road and the grass crunched under foot. The sheep were huddled round a bale of fresh, sweet hay munching eagerly after a long, chilly night. Loch Frisa looked idyllic: not a ripple on…

    • 1 Dec 2009
  • Take it to the Limit, One More Time

    by the Eagles (who else?)

    Like some parts of the country, we've had some really wild weather here on Mull - our thoughts are with those people suffering from flood damage and the family of the Policeman who tragically lost his life as the bridge collapsed in Workington.  Just another reminder of the sheer strength of Mother Nature. 

    This evening, as I went out to put the chickens away, I could hardly stand up …

    • 23 Nov 2009
  • Oran flies south

    Our male white-tailed eagle chick from Mull this year, Oran, has made a dramatic flight south. He had seemed settled and has spent the last few weeks just across the water from here on Loch Sunart; then he came home for a while but has now headed down to the island of Jura. We are hearing more reports lately of young eagles on nearby Islay perhaps attracted by the thousands of wintering geese. Maybe this is where Oran…

    • 19 Nov 2009
  • I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes .......

    Courtesy Wet, Wet, Wet and The Troggs - Love is All Around

    There is certainly a change in the air at Loch Frisa.  Yesterday morning when I drove down, I was greeted by a pair of whooper swans.  Swans are such graceful, beautiful birds - sadly they dont tend to stay long on Mull - just long enough to refuel before continuing their journey further south.

    Skye and Frisa were sitting at the top of a spruce tree, side by side…

    • 11 Nov 2009
  • A united kingdom of eagles

    There is a place called hope. Despite the poisonings, the losses, the persecution and the madness, there is a new ray of hope tonight that it is all finally beginning to really work - to really knit together. The project to bring the white-tailed eagle back to the British Isles actually began some 50 years ago. Long before Fair Isle in 1968 or Rum in 1975, there was Argyll in 1959.  The late Pat Sandeman released three sea…

    • 4 Nov 2009