Ynys-hir in Autumn

Ynys-hir (along with Mawddach Valley) is my local reserve. It's both a great place for wildlife and for relaxing away from things too. Beautiful at all times of year I particularly enjoy the reserve in autumn.

No one's posted pictures of the reserve yet, so I thought I'd add 2 pics that I took on an autumn visit a couple of years ago. I'll just post small placeholders here, you can see bigger images by following the links. 

Firstly a picture from the Ynys Eidiol hide

You can see & scroll the fullscreen panoramic in my blog post.

Secondly one of my favourite views from Ynys Hir, sunset from the Breakwater Hide.

Well worth sitting there in an evening, with a bottle of water, fantastic views and the sound of the waterfowl flighting in. Again you can see a larger version in my galleries at this link, click on the gallery image to enlarge it further.

If you've never visited Ynys Hir then I hope these pictures encourage you to visit; if you know it well then I hope the pictures bring back fond memories :-)