Wallasea Island RSPB nature reserve and WWII bombs

I read an article in the Essex Herald that said that the
soil from London’s Crossrail project contains many unexploded bombs from WWII. It
was quite a disturbing article. I hope its not true.




  • Hi Spider,

    as you will probably know the Essex Herald refers to itself as "The home of intellectual vandalism since 1978", so I think someone's having a bit of fun with us!  I can assure you this is not true - the only WWII item we have found lately was the very bent and rusted motor of a V2 rocket which we recovered before Easter for future use as part of a heritage display - see my blog in March www.rspb.org.uk/.../03.aspx

    Do rest assured visitors will be perfectly safe to come and visit - why not see for yourself this weekend at the Wild Coast Weekend event!!



    I've gone wild on Wallasea!