• Essex Wildlife Photography Competition

    Essex Wildlife Photography Competition being hosted by the RSPB and Canvey Town Council in now open

    There are three age categories: 

    under 12 years old
    12 – 18 years old
    over 18 years old

    and there are some great prizes to be won!

    Entry is free and the deadline for entries is 18 May 2014. The competition will be judged at Canvey Wildlife Day by Mike Dilger on Saturday 31 May 2014

    You can download the entry form…

    • 30 Apr 2014
  • Spring has sprung in South Essex

    Spring has arrived and its now a great time to get out and look for migrant birds. Early migrants are already starting to arrive with sand martin and wheatear being seen on the reserves.

    small tortoiseshell by David Lee

    Spring is when our reserves really come alive with wildlife, look out for early butterflies such as small tortoiseshell and peacock, and keep an eye out for queen bees looking for somewhere to start…

    • 5 Apr 2014