• All Important Water

    Spring sort of passed us by at South Essex, one minute it was chilly the next we were in a heat wave! Thus, water levels on site have been dropping dramatically across the South Essex reserves. This is partly deliberate as we aim to dry out certain sites such as Vange Marsh by the autumn. This will allow us to get some machinery on to the lagoon area and cut as much of the Club rush as possible. This will produce the…

    • 8 Aug 2013
  • It's nearly Big Wild Sleepout Time

    Woohoo! The Big Wild Sleepout is nearly here and we are mega excited about being able to sleepout on one of our nature reserves. It's a rare opportunity for the staff and volunteers of RSPB South Essex to see West Canvey Marsh at night time and even better that we get the chance to share the experience with the public.

    Anywhere you are, the darkness of night always casts a different light on things making the familiar…

    • 6 Aug 2013