• What's Smart, Black and Spotty?

    Spotted redshanks, and there are now six on Vange Marsh! These elegant medium sized waders, are slightly larger than the redshank and in summer plumage, the adults, are almost entirely black, save for some white spotting on the wings, a white wedge on the back showing clearly in flight, and a barred tail. Also present on the marsh are six green sandpipers, two greenshanks, 15 lapwing and a dozen avocets. The drake ga…

    • 26 Jun 2010
  • Return migration srarts early!

    Return migration often begins mid to late June and is most evident at this time with our wading birds. At Vange Marsh yesterday five spotted redshanks in their stunning full black summer plumage were present along with seven redshank, one greenshank and three green sandpipers. The first returning wading birds are almost always non-breeders, with failed breeders arriving in July and early August, with most birds passing…

    • 20 Jun 2010
  • He stoops to conquer!

    Whilst showing members of Canvey Wildlife Group around Wat Tyler Country Park yesterday evening. A male peregrine was seen sitting on top of the nearest pylon from the marina, while we were watching him, he dropped from his vantage point, flew low and fast along the opposite hedgerow, flushing the starlings. He then rapidly gained height, folded back his wings and stooped at a lone starling over the creek. At the last…

    • 11 Jun 2010
  • A night in the park!

    Saturday was our first moth and bat night of the summer, the weather was ideal with warm and sunny days and an overcast night hiding the moonlight. Our first moths began arriving around nine thirty, and they were all common swifts.

    Common swift Wat Tyler Jane Everitt

    As the night became increasingly darker more and more moths were attracted to our lights, brimstones, light emeralds, shoulder-striped wainscots and many more. Our bat detectors picked up…

    • 9 Jun 2010
  • Wow, What a bill!

    A spoonbill was found today on the scrape at Wat Tyler Country Park, the bird was first found on our web cam this morning and was present all day. Web cam image capture below.

    Above image digiscoped from the motorboat museum hide by Clive Woodward

    • 5 Jun 2010
  • Summer is here and the beasties are flying!

    After a wet and cold day on Tuesday, the weather since could not have been more different. With temperatures in the mid twenties and wall to wall sunshine, the mini and not so mini beasts are showing superbly. Take a relaxing stroll through our garden at Wat Tyler Country Park, spend a few minutes enjoying the sunshine beside one of our ponds, and you will see one of the true masters of the air! Both broad-bodied and…

    • 4 Jun 2010