Vitsi to Saltholme Wednesday 3 March 2022

My visit to Saltholme has 2 parts on my visit on Wednesday 3 March. Again excellent views of a Great White Egret. I've never seen as many Great White Egrets from East Saltholme Pool. I've seen more Great White Egrets in the Saltholme area since early 2020 compared  to previous year’s. Also 3 weeks ago i heard from the Saltholme staff  the Long Eared Owl(s) where roosting during this winter as the normal Winter Roosting Viewpoint had seen no regular roosting from the usual roosting Long Eared Owls from the normal viewpoint as in previous winters. But if anyone attempts to try to see if there are any sightings from where Long Eared Owl(s) have been roosting you will definitely need good footwear as conditions mean i would recommend Wellingtons or at if not Wellington’s, Climbing Boots which you use when anyone fell walking such as in the Lake District. But sadly no sightings as i had heard from the staff that over the last 10 days no sightings of any Long Eared Owls, roosting.

As well as seeing a Spoonbill from Saltholme around 3/4 weeks ago. I've been lucky enough to see nesting Spoonbill’s in North Yorkshire. Of which 3-4 pairs have nested at one sight over the last few years as well as nesting Spoonbill’s close by as well Nesting Spoonbill’s, plus there are other are’s as well in Northern England where Spoonbill’s nest as well. But an enjoyable day on Wednesday just gone.