Saltholme's Bird Records?

Love visiting Saltholme at any time of the year as you are normally guaranteed a wonderful variety of birds during a day's visit. Have often wondered about the kind of record keeping that occurs. I know that surveys are carried out but are there any daily records maintained by the reserve? And if so, are these records accessible?
  • Monthly we carry out the wetlands bird survey (WeBs) the results of which we then submit to the BTO. Who then in turn publish their own report.

    Daily we do record reserve sightings daily for our own records but as this produces a working document we don't publish it.

    In the visitor centre we do have a daily sightings log this provides very anecdotal results but you are more than welcome to have a look through the sightings books.

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    Hi Craig

    Isn't it possible for someone at the reserve to take a photo of the sightings book and post it in a thread like this one.

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    The sightings book is always available in the visitor centre. but to photograph it and upload on a daily basis is a fairly labour intensive role, for such a purely anecdotal resource.

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    For several weeks now staff at Saltholme have been taking a photo of the sightings board and adding it to their Twitter feed. It gives a good indication of birds seen on the reserve both for regular visitors/members like myself and anyone planning a visit.

    A good move as far as I'm concerned and much appreciated.