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    Oh dear here we go again.  It is precisely the type of talk that completely puts me off using hides.  I have no problem if folk want to sit in hides all day everyday, to me there's more to shooting wildlife.  I have used hides in the past and met some really nice folk although to be honest there always seems to be one or two who get there before it opens to bag what they think are the best seats and stay all day everyday, as said they pay their subs so I guess that makes it acceptable.  This also happens as non RSPB hides.  Again heaven forbid they move to make space for another.  I do however agree the hide at Rye is quite small and it may help if there was an additional hide or the existing one made larger but somehow I think it's not going to happen

    Also the folk who sit there from dawn til dusk  always seem to take great pleasure in "sharing" their images i.e., showing off to others the shots taken, heaven forbid they let others have a go. Call this encouragement?  Really?    I have only visited Rye Meads once many years ago.  Nice as it is, the Kingfisher nesting area is completely false, it just doesn't float my boat quite honestly.  There are many other places to see Kingfishers, sometimes you don't even have to go that far, they turn up in the most unexpected places as some will know.  

    I guess those will lenses of 800mm plus will indeed find it cumbersome to lug this around so maybe places like Rye Meads are ideal for them.  

    I must say that I find RayK's comments about telling someone to get an alarm clock and get up earlier completely out of order.

    Anyway folks enjoy shooting whatever is you shoot and remember there are loads of other places to see Kingfishers and meet genuine folk...

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    I agree that the RSPB need to look into accommodating more capacity to meet the demand. However those who 'roost' in the hides need to be more considerate, others only want to stay a while so giving up space is not permanent. To those 'hide hermits', given the amount of shots of kingfishers that come from here are you really going to miss something that hasn't already been shot?

    If you don't mind travelling a bit, I've always found Lackford Lakes a better place to get closer shots of kingfishers anyway. And there are no hermits in the hides.

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    I completely agree with your comments about RayK Saffy.

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    Lovely shot Matt if you want to post more of your photos in their own thread have a read

    My Flickr photos

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    Thanks Alan, the point I was making though was that you'll probably get a better shot at Lackford Lakes as there are more opportunities, less Hide Hermits. The picture was taken at Lackford so didn't feel it was correct to post on the RSPB website, only in a thread.

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    I was at Rye Meads on Friday with a friend, travelling almost 60 miles with the purpose of seeing a kingfisher (or two!). We arrived late morning and were in no way overcrowded or disappointed. I had never actually seen one before let alone take over 700 photos (got a few good shots!), over 2, 1 hour (ish) periods during the day. Howerever, if we had arrived to find we could not get into the hide at any point that would have been disappointing but I'm sure I would have politely asked to share some space and judging by the people I have met at both my visits to rye meads i would have been politely responded to with positivity. I look forward to my next visit there, even if I don't see more kingfishers I know I'll be visiting a friendly, welcoming place. Well done Rye Meads.

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    You are correct, the hide at Rye Meads does need improvement, where you are wrong and "out of order" is the people who are happy to show their images are "NOT SHOWING OFF" these are being shown for example to young children who have never seen a Kingfisher, this is encouragement, yes it is, hopefully it will spur them on for the future, you have a lot to say for a person by their own admission has only been once many years, I and others support the reserve in other ways, do you?

    As for your comment with regard to the lens, please until you understand the full facts surrounding this, please don't comment.

    Lastly, with regard to the alarm clock, it is meant, for the people who get to the reserve late morning to lunch, walk in expecting to find rows of seats empty and then get upset when the hide is full.

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    And what do you have to comment about my last post now.

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    Thank you for the positive remarks "Keltic" a voice of reason at last, thank you.

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    Keltic that's excellent news you were able to make use of the hide and it's always a joy to see your first Kingfisher let alone photograph it, could be the hide is not quite as busy on a weekday so I hope you get lucky in the future also.