Kingfisher 3rd Brood Fledging

I guess the news is on Facebook/Twitter but thought I would go the old fashioned way and put it on the website as it hasn't been posted! Unfortunately it seems I will have to use the social media more to know anything these days. The 3rd brood successfully fledged today (I have predicted all 3 this year to the day - sorry, had to put that in!!!). By the time we got in the hide we saw at least 2 fledglings and possibly a 3rd but not confirmed. Of course there may have been some fledged and gone before we got there. Never really know exactly how many. They came out into the open a few times and pleased the crowd, before being taken off by the adult male. Managed to get one in flight - see picture. They are not going for a 4th brood, sensibly. Usually one of the adults hangs around over the Winter, so often worth a visit. Maybe they will use the new bank next Spring (if it gets repaired/finished) and we will have 2 breeding pairs. At the moment a juvenile from a previous brood, sometimes 2, is showing well at the Gadwall hide, perching and fishing.
  • Brilliant news Simon. They seem to have done very well this year. A great shot

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  • In reply to JudiM:

    Seems I was right. Is this the end of Rspb websites? No up to date information - particularly sightings, this applies to many Rspb Reserves. Facebook and Twitter are taking over and guess I will have to wade through those to get to the information I want.

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    Hi Simon,

    sorry to say, I think might have been right all the way along with regard to the RSPB and their site web pages, their answer is, wait for it...... it costs to much time (?) and money (?) and time for the staff to keep up to date.