Is this a newly fledged kingfisher with a fish?

I was in the kingfisher hide yesterday and saw this kingfisher dive from the middle post and come up with a tiny fish. I assumed it was the adult male at that time. But when i look at it on my computer, I see that it has no ring on its leg . I also think the beak is a bit shorter and the feet look still a little immature . Am I right in thinking this is a newly fledged juvenile returning to the site to catch some fish, a week after fledging?
  • I would agree it is a juvenile, looking at the legs. Both the current adults are ringed. They usually don't put up with intruders as the they are very territorial and the nest nearby. They did put up with one last year for a while. They normally don't fish much in this pool - depends on what is there.

    This pair have been very unusual in behaviour and don't seem to have read the Kingfisher rulebook! It is the same female as last year but I suspect it is a young different male.

    I saw the fledging last week and the adults are still mating and not sitting on eggs yet. They better get a move on.

    Well spotted and caught on camera.


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    Thank you Simon. I missed the fledging last week but I am glad I managed to see one juvenile at least !


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    Hi Ravi

    Didn't realise that rprphoto was you. I even told you the fledge date and got it right!

    Hope to see you on the 3rd brood - if they get a move on!